SRGII provides a range of environmental services in the areas of Resource Management, Natural Systems Engineering, and Environmental Compliance. We use an integrated approach to solving problems. Our methods are based on the best available science and engineering, as well as our extensive scientific and management experience. SRGII works closely with clients to provide sustainable design solutions to meet their unique needs and reach their goals in a cost-effective and timely manner. In addition to our core services, we provide clients additional, specialized services within our areas of expertise.

A significant component of SRGII’s work is framed around an ecosystem and watershed assessment approach. This approach is aligned with the ancient Hawaiian ahupua‘a land use management strategy, recognizing the terrestrial, marine, and human components as integral parts of the ecosystem. It is an effective means of solving complex environmental and natural resources problems.

Our GSA Professional Services Schedule contract allows us to provide Federal agencies with an efficient method of contracting with our pre-approved rates.

Resource Management


Natural Systems Engineering


Environmental Compliance