Kristin N. Duin, M.S., Principal

Experience & Qualifications

Kristin Duin has over twenty-five years of experience as an environmental scientist with expertise in environmental and natural resources management and policy; strategic planning; and environmental assessment. She was a founding principal and is co-owner of Sustainable Resources Group Intn’l, Inc. In addition to managing or serving as key staff on many of SRGII’s projects, she also manages the company’s business and administrative operations, and assists with marketing and business development. She has extensive experience with integrated resource management planning guidelines and policy, watershed assessment and management, NEPA compliance and environmental impact analysis, community participation in environmental management, and GIS applications to resource management planning, land use and cultural assessment. Her field survey and management planning experience includes a wide range of projects in the  Hawai‘i-Pacific Region, California, and Asia. Ms. Duin leads SRGII’s resource management planning and environmental compliance projects, which use an integrated approach to solve complex ecological, hydrological, and policy problems. She has a B.S. (Biological Sciences) from Stanford University (1994), and a M.S. (Energy and Resources) from the University of California, Berkeley (2000).

Andrew Hood, M.S., P.H., Principal

Experience & Qualifications

Andrew Hood has over twenty-five years of field and research experience as a hydrologist with expertise in surface and groundwater hydrology, water resources engineering, fluvial geomorphology, and erosion control. He is co-owner of Sustainable Resources Group Intn’l, Inc. In addition to playing a key technical role on many of SRGII’s projects, he heads the company’s business development efforts. Mr. Hood has carried out a wide range of projects including conducting watershed analyses, designing and implementing stream channel and wetland restoration, wetland delineation, conducting geomorphological studies, assessing instream flow issues and modeling instream flow hydraulics, conducting water quality analysis, and developing Best Management Practices and establishing methodologies to monitor their implementation and effectiveness. He has served as an expert technical witness for cases requiring design solutions and treatments for watershed erosion and stream morphology restoration. His background includes experience in NEPA compliance and environmental impact analysis for a range of watershed-related projects. Mr. Hood leads SRGII’s natural systems engineering projects, which use an integrated approach to achieve structural, natural resource, and land management remedies to enhance watershed functions. He has a B.S. (Watershed Hydrology) from the University of Arizona (1992) and a M.S. (Civil and Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Engineering) from Utah State University (1999).



Michelle L. Roberts, M.S., Natural Resource Management Specialist

Experience & Qualifications

Michelle Roberts is an ecologist specializing in ecological restoration and environmental compliance. Ms. Roberts has assisted with the development of resource management plans and environmental compliance documents (e.g. environmental assessments, permits). She has a strong understanding of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) / Hawai‘i Environmental Policy Act (HEPA) compliance process and is skilled in the development of environmental and biological assessments, Endangered Species Act Section 7 and National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 consultations, and public and agency scoping. Ms. Roberts has prepared plans for and implemented restoration projects in a variety of ecosystems, including alpine, subalpine, forest, riparian, wetland and coastal settings. Her experience working on projects has involved managing and developing strategies for resolving the often-conflicting interests of multiple user groups, resource management objectives, and regulatory requirements. Ms. Roberts has a B.A. (Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Biology) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1990) and a M.S. (Ecosystem Science; emphasis in Restoration Ecology) from the University of Washington (2000).

Wendy A. Kuntz, Ph.D., Biologist

Experience & Qualifications: Wendy Kuntz is a biologist with expertise in avian biology, biological statistics, and education. She has over twenty years of field experience focusing on avian biology, including designing and conducting surveys, bandings, and behavioral observation and interpretation. Her work has primarily focused on the behavior and conservation of Hawai‘i’s endangered native forest birds. Dr. Kuntz has experience working with private, public and not for profit corporations as a biological consultant performing avian inventories, habitat assessments, and applying GIS to resource management planning. She has prepared avian management plans for both forest and water birds and has applied her expertise to the development of environmental curriculum. Dr. Kuntz is a Professor of Math and Sciences at Kapi‘olani Community College where she teaches both majors/non-majors courses in Biology, Ecology, and Environmental Science. She has experience in designing projects to engage students, including partnerships with community and professional groups. Dr. Kuntz has a B.A. (Zoology) from Connecticut College (1990), a M.S. (Environmental and Resource Science) from the University of Nevada, Reno (1998) and a Ph.D. (Zoology with specialization in Ecology and Evolutionary Conservation Biology) from the University of Hawai‘i (2008).